Why is Mindful Breathing Important?

As we go through our day, we usually don’t think too much about breathing. Although, it’s one of the body’s amazing automatic operations. So, unless we’re doing a very strenuous activity and our breathing is becoming labored, we generally don’t pay attention to it. Most rarely ask the question: Why is mindful breathing important? However, […]


How Can You Positively Manage the Stress Caused by Loss? 

Have you heard it said that “the only constant in life is change”?  This quote is often attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and certainly gives us pause for thought. Understandably, changes that involve a loss of some kind are particularly difficult to manage. In the western world, it’s common to imagine our lives on […]


Do Binaural Beats get you high? Learn more here

Binaural beats are becoming more and more common among those struggling with anxiety and trauma-related disorders. However, with the widespread use of binaural beats, there also have been many stereotypes about them.  Some people claim that binaural beats can have the same effect on your brain caused by actual medications.  In fact, some have even […]


The Origin of Yoga Poses

Why was yoga created?  Why was yoga created? What is the origin of yoga poses? Well, there are probably as many answers to that question as there are yoga studios in southern California.  As with anything that traces back over 5,000 years and relies more on oral history than written records, yoga’s origin story is […]

Chakras Nervous System Stress

Releasing Emotions stored in the Body

Dealing with emotions is never easy. Even less so, when they happen to be very painful, traumatic, or intense. To avoid having to face the potential pain and discomfort, we tend to ignore them. Not realizing that by doing so, the harm that they can (and will) cause only intensifies. Releasing emotions stored in the body […]

Brainwaves Sleep

Three Ways music and sound can help you sleep

While there are many ways that sound and frequency can affect the mind and body, let’s take a look at three ways sound and music can help you sleep, specifically. Sound Therapy was one of the first things that helped me find a place of peace, in a time of deep anxiety. When I listened […]


Alexa Sounds for Sleeping

What’s the best treatment for Insomnia? Alexa sounds for sleeping. “Alexa, play Sonic Yogi” Since the dawn of time, human beings have always been used to sleeping with some form of sound within their hearing range. Wind, rain, and fire have been alongside mankind during both their waking and sleeping hours. Alexa sounds for sleeping […]

Live and Talks Meditation

Talk and Deep Sound Meditation Practice (1/29/21)

This is a transcript from a Live Session that was recorded concurrently from a Live Meditation Session for the Insight Timer Meditation App. I have made some slight edits and additions to the transcript for clarity. For a deeper dive into these topics please see the courses: Heal Through the Power of Sound and Frequency […]


Where Are the Chakras Located? 

While doing yoga or any other meditation exercises, you’ll hear the words “chakras” and “open your chakras” a lot. You may even be wondering, where are the chakras located. It’s believed that chakras are responsible for the energy flow in your body, and they should always be open. If not, you may start feeling unwell either […]


How does Psilocybin work?

Through the ingestion of magic mushrooms, a psychedelic called psilocybin enters your system and sets to work. It induces a form of a mental trip that lasts a duration of four to six hours. On this trip, one person can go through revelation while another can go through utter fear. Psilocybin exists inside liberty caps, […]