Live and Talks Meditation

Talk and Deep Sound Meditation Practice (1/29/21)

This is a transcript from a Live Session that was recorded concurrently from a Live Meditation Session for the Insight Timer Meditation App. I have made some slight edits and additions to the transcript for clarity. For a deeper dive into these topics please see the courses: Heal Through the Power of Sound and Frequency […]

Meditation Stress

Physical Benefits of Meditation: Research

The practice of meditation is more than 3,000 years old and, incredibly, it’s only in recent years that we’re understanding the full power of this ancient exercise. Traditionally, meditation has been associated with certain eastern-world religions and spiritual customs. It has been employed as a form of prayer, a way to feel connected with the […]


Why is Meditation important in Buddhism?

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts; it is made up of our thoughts.” ─ from Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada Chapter 1:1-2  It can be quite fascinating to explore the origins of some of the cultural and spiritual customs that have influenced our daily lives […]

Brainwaves Meditation

What Does Meditation Do to the Brain? 

Traditionally associated with Eastern ritual, religions and traditions, meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming more common and accessible in the West. Thanks to supportive research, meditative techniques have moved into popular habit among many Americans. You may wonder, however, what does meditation do to the brain? What Is Meditation? Before it makes sense to explain […]

Cleansing Meditation Stress

How to remove negative thoughts from the subconscious mind?

How do I release stress and tension from my mind body and spirit? “How do I let go? How do I remove negative thoughts from the subconscious mind?” These are some of the commons questions I have received from questions from my 10 day course “Heal through the power of Sound and Frequency” on the Insight […]